Background Check

Background Check Update


Any new background checks must be completed through Kiwanis International using the Kiwanis Connect member portal.  
Any background check forms already submitted, that have been previously processed by the Cal-Nev-Ha District, must be completed by September 30.



Background Check Policy – Who is Required to Have a Background Check?

Kiwanis advisors to any sponsored Service Leadership Program are required to have a criminal background check conducted and verified by Kiwanis International per Kiwanis Policy B.16., Procedure 197. By offering a standard, comprehensive background check for all Kiwanis advisors through Kiwanis International, we can be confident that all Kiwanis clubs are protecting those we serve – and protecting all Kiwanis members.

  • Using the Secretary Dashboard of the Kiwanis Online Reporting system, a Kiwanis club’s secretary needs to report who serves as the Kiwanis advisor for each of the club’s sponsored SLPs. Once a background check is completed, it will be reflected on the Kiwanis dashboard.




Faculty/facility advisors:

Faculty and facility advisors need to meet background check expectations for their school, organization or agency, but are not subject to Kiwanis policies to hold the position of faculty/facility advisor.

  • If a faculty/facility advisor is also listed as a Kiwanis advisor, they are required to undergo a background check through Kiwanis International’s provider, Safe Hiring Solutions (SHS).
  • Faculty/facility advisors must undergo a background check if they are working with youth at Kiwanis International-sponsored events. These include the Key Club international convention, the Key Club governor and administrator training conference, the Key Club International Leadership Conference and any Key Leader weekends.




A chaperone is defined as a Kiwanis member, faculty member, parent, legal guardian or person who is in loco parentis (in the place of a parent), 21 years of age or older, who has been approved by the school or agency and registered with the school or agency to accompany youth members at a specific event.

  • Kiwanis International requires clear criminal history background checks conducted by its provider for all adults working with youth at all Kiwanis International-sponsored events. These include attending District SLP conventions that include an overnight stay and are listed as chaperones on the registration form. Kiwanis International will e-mail a specific link to each registered chaperone.



District administrators/chairpersons and committee members: 

All district administrators/chairpersons and committee members for all Service Leadership Programs are required to have a clear criminal history background check conducted by Kiwanis International. A district may also require criminal history background checks for other adults working with youth as part of district programs or events.


NOTE: ANY member may receive a background check through Kiwanis International if the club requires its members to do so. Clubs are strongly encouraged to ensure confidential background checks for all adults who will work directly with youth outside the school and/or who may not have undergone a background check. Contact your club to find out more about its requirements and procedures.



How long are the results of a background check valid? 

Background checks are valid for two years. As the expiration date approaches, you will receive an email prompting you to obtain a web link for a background check.



How does a member get or renew a background check?

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Background checks are processed by a member-specific link. This link is connected to your personal Kiwanis membership ID and should be used only by you. Do not share with others for their use. To obtain a member-specific link, the member must do one of the following:

  • Log into the Kiwanis Connect member portal and initiate the process under “background check.”
  • Contact the club secretary for a member-specific email link sent from the secretary dashboard.



What is the cost of a background check? And who is responsible for paying?

The cost is $25. 

  • The cost of the background check can be paid by the individual or club.
  • You will need credit card information (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) to submit at the end of the process.
  • Members also can send checks or process the payment by phone with Safe Hiring Solutions (SHS) by calling customer service at 1-888-215-8296.

If a club wants to pay for a member’s background check, it has the option to set up an account with SHS to be billed directly for its members. To set up an account, complete the following online form with SHS:


NOTE: This is for clubs that wish to be billed for member reports. Clubs wishing for members to pay for their own background checks should refer their members to the Kiwanis Connect portal. Members can then initiate their own reports.



For more background check information, check Kiwanis International’s Website